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There are very few moments in life that really stand-out and make you take notice. Latchi Queen is one of those moments. An outstanding brand new and purpose-built ship, Latchi Queen has a 120 person capacity, perfect for large groups, corporate events, birthday parties, and as a wedding venue, or for the reception.

For smaller groups, families, couples and individuals Latchi Queen will sail daily from Latchi Harbour along the head-turning beauty of the Akamas Peninsula. At certain times of the year, particularly in July and August, she will host alternative events, such as Murder Mystery Cruises, Private and Fine Dining, Concerts, Casino Nights and the ‘Peninsula Club’ which is a party sunset cruise.

Our Coastline

It is truly magnificent

As far as we are concerned; there is nowhere else like it. Definitely, this unspoilt and awe-inspiring vista cannot be easily found elsewhere in Cyprus. We are so blessed to live and work in an area of outstanding natural beauty that is also the only official Nature Reserve in Cyprus. The Akamas Peninsula. Read more »

Turtles Live Here

Well. We say they ‘live here’ when in fact, they live all over the oceans. However, they do breed here in Cyprus; all along the Akamas coastline. There are two types of turtles that inhabit our waters. The Loggerhead (“Caretta caretta“) and the Green Turtle (“Chelonia mydas“). They start coming onto the beaches in May and June so we may see them when cruising the coastline. In August and September turtle eggs hatch and new life takes to the seas.

More information about these beautiful sea creatures can be found HERE and at the official website for the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research


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    The Akamas (Greek: Ακάμας) is a promontory and cape at the northwest extremity of Cyprus with an area of 230 square kilometres. Ptolemy described it as a thickly wooded headland. Divided into two by summits [a mountain range] rising towards the north. The peninsula is named after a son of Theseus. The hero of the Trojan War and founder of the city-kingdom of Soli.…

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Come aboard for a different kind of experience, whether you want your wedding reception, business lunch, or party event – Latchi Queen is available to private hire.

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